Use Of Robotic Cleaning In Solar Sites For Water Conservation

About The Initiative

The life of solar modules is usually guaranteed for 25 years, and throughout its life span, cleaning is essential for efficient power generation. Cleaning of solar modules is a big challenge for ReNew, especially in arid and dry zones where water is scarce, particularly water that is suitable for cleaning solar modules.

Being an environmental conscious company, at ReNew, the need was felt to institutionalize water conservation practices like deployment of robotic cleaning, to save a large quantum of water in our solar sites. Over the last one year, ReNew has deployed robotic cleaning across some of its sites in the state of Rajasthan, where availability of fresh water is scare.


Environmental Impact Over 66000 KL of water conserved in FY2021
Reduced energy consumption in the cleaning process as robots have built-in PV modules
Social Impact Getting social license to operate from local community
Economic Impact Positive impact on revenue of over INR 32 million in FY2021
Enhanced energy production due to more efficient cleaning of panels
Reduced operational costs

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