Employee Engagement

At ReNew, we foster a work environment that is fun and inspires creativity. ReeJoys, our employee engagement arm created FOR and BY ReNewers, is committed to achieving this in an inclusive manner.

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Fun at work and beyond

We strive to ensure a working environment that is enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. ReNewers are encouraged to express themselves and collaborate, not just with each other but also with the community.

Intellectual stimulation

Be it through exposure to thought leader talks, being the harbingers of innovation, or brainstorming over industry trends at a town hall meeting with our CEO. Renewers are given ample opportunities to push their thinking beyond the status quo and continually challenge their limits at work.

Health & wellbeing

At REEJOYS, we prioritize the well-being of all employees, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Yoga classes, Zumba sessions, and sessions with certified mental health experts are among the initiatives we take to support the health and well-being of ReNewers.

Individual social responsibility

We are enabling employees to engage with each other and our stakeholders and communities actively and giving employees ample opportunity to volunteer with community-centric initiatives.

Decision making

ReNewers are empowered to exercise their choice through voting for awardees, choosing their holiday calendar for the year, or deciding on names for meeting rooms.

Passion beyond ReNew

We at ReNew are passionate about the work that our ReNewers do and encourage them to live their passions beyond work.

The ReNew connect

We at ReNew focus on staying in touch with each other and regularly exchanging ideas and thoughts. This is the spirit behind organizing a host of meet-ups branded as ReNew Connect. Through such meets, typically organized over lunches and dinners (sometimes with families), we enable catch-ups in an informal atmosphere marked by the leadership expressing gratitude for ReNewers' contributions and having candid discussions on varied topics.

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