COVID-19 Relief Efforts For Communities Around Our Sites

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14 June, 2022

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The recent pandemic and subsequent lockdown in India led to loss of income and livelihood for rural communities as they struggled to cope with the effects of the COVI-19 pandemic. According to a study conducted by the Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) and IIMPACT, four out of 10 households, did not have the resilience mechanism for sustenance.

ReNew, as part of its community engagement programme, developed a programme to address the needs of the community through COVID-19 relief efforts to build community resilience. This was done by taking up range of relief measures and building community level resilience such as support for healthcare and livelihood.


Social Impact INR 18 million was contributed towards undertaking welfare activities across our areas of operation covering more than 140 villages across Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
INR 17.5 million was pledged towards supporting hospitals in Gurugram by providing ventilators, PPEs, other medical equipment. A hospital was converted into a specialized COVID-19 Centre through our efforts.
ReNew entered a partnership with the UP government to set up a mask manufacturing unit in Lucknow supporting livelihood opportunities for 200 women. A total of 500 thousand masks are being manufactured and every woman employee will get a share of INR 5 per unit for each mask sold.

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COVID-19 relief efforts for communities around our sites

The recent pandemic and subsequent lockdown in India led to loss of income and livelihood for rural communities

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