ReNew at the
World Economic

Annual Meeting

Davos 2024

15-19 January

"Connecting the Dots on the global decarbonisation journey"

The World Economic Forum’s 54th annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland, brought together heads of governments, businesses, international organizations, civil society, and media to discuss some of the most critical challenges faced by the world today. As the 5-day mega event unfolded from 15th to 19th January 2024, all eyes were on the key outcomes for urgent global crises, particularly climate change.

As a global decarbonisation solutions provider and thought leader in the sustainability domain, ReNew returned to the mega event in 2024 with a renewed agenda of accelerating the global clean energy transition. With its presence at the mega event for the 4th year running, ReNew drove the dialogue on the clean energy transition by bringing together leaders and stakeholders to Connect The Dots on the global decarbonisation journey.

ReNew concluded its participation at Davos on a proud note as the company was recognized for the second time as the World Economic Forum's Global Lighthouse!


Connecting the Dots on the global decarbonisation journey

Time (CET): 06:30 PM – 08:30 PM

Event name: Future of Energy- Financial Innovation for a 2030 World

Location: Hard Rock Hotel, Tobelmühlestrasse 2, 7270 Davos, Switzerland


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Connecting the Dots on the global decarbonisation journey

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