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  • An outstretched hand with a heart popping up from the palm, illustrating the concept of volunteering in retirement.

    The best volunteer opportunities for retirees

    The desire to make a positive impact on the world is an ambition that nearly all human beings share. Throughout history, that desire to give back and leave a lasting legacy has driven many of our most important achievements, from master works of literature, music, and art to groundbreaking advancements in medicine, engineering, and technology. While …

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  • An illustration of a lightbulb with leaves, conveying the idea of mentorship as a worthy pursuit in retirement.

    Giving back through mentorship

    As eagerly as you may have anticipated your exit from the workforce, you may find that your transition into retirement isn’t everything you dreamed it would be. After indulging in some much deserved rest and relaxation, you might find yourself feeling a bit aimless. Without a steady job to return to, many retirees feel that …

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  • An illustration of a mountain range with a flag planted at the top, illustrating the idea of accomplishing new feats and finding new purpose in retirement.

    Finding new purpose in retirement

    In those last couple of years in the workforce, many people daydream about how they’ll spend their newfound free time during their fast approaching retirements. Some people imagine becoming professional jetsetters, traveling to a new faraway destination every few months. Others fantasize about recommitting to an old hobby, or doubling down on a latent passion …

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  • Upraised hands of volunteers to illustrate opportunities retirees have to get involved in their communities.

    Get involved in your community in retirement

    Now that you’ve retired, you probably have some extra time on your hands. What better way to spend that time than getting involved & giving back in your hometown? Finding community service opportunities in retirement is a great way to make a real impact on the world. There are numerous benefits to connecting with people …

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