ReNew's energy storage, customized for market adoption, is an essential asset to address the challenge of intermittent supply of renewable energy.

Building a future-ready grid

Key Highlights

Scholar Participation

hybrid battery configuration


Joint venture with
Fluence Energy


High CUF

Green Credits

ReNew's Edge

ReNew has a head-start in India’s stationary energy storage space via its intelligent energy solution portfolio that currently consists of the 300 MW Peak Power Project and a 400 MW Round-the-Clock (RTC) Power Project.

One of the RTC Plant in Karnataka

Projects in progress

Two large scale battery storage projects are in advanced stages of execution

  • tick-icon Peak Power Project, Karnataka- 1. 75 MW / 150 MWh
  • tick-icon RTC project, Rajasthan - 2. 25 MW / 100 MWh

Pilot projects

Several pilot projects on pro-bono basis are under development to test various market applications such as auxiliary power, reactive power and backup as well as alternate technologies such as flow batteries, sodium-based batteries, etc.

Fluence Energy JV

We have entered into a partnership with Fluence Energy, world’s leading battery energy storage integrator, to offer varied integration solutions in the Indian market including EPC and asset management services

Deeper expertise

In our endeavour to expand knowledge-base and enhance subject-matter expertise, we have collaborated with IIT-Delhi and participated in a study on 'State of Health diagnostics' along with Stanford as part of StorageX initiative.

Analytical excellence

State-wise analysis to make suitable recommendations for new products and services to utilities

Critical insights

Market insights to internal stakeholders and advocacy with industry bodies

Robust infrastructure

The program distributes the cookstoves for free and hence provides affordable

24*7 state-of-the-art control room to host trading operations

Smart automation

Automated central trading system for efficient trading and revenue optimization

Path-breaking Projects

Take a look at our first-of-its-kind battery configuration and renewable energy projects.

Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, 30 MW

Peak Power

First-of-its-kind utility-scale wind, solar, and hybrid battery configuration in the world. Largest battery storage project in South Asia.

ISTS connected 300MW contracted capacity of renewables with 900MW/hr peak power supply over 6 hours.

  • tick-icon When a solar or wind project is contracted, the buying discom gets energy commitment annually. It can be used for RPO commitment rather than capacity planning, for which the planners use forecasted peak demand.
  • tick-icon The Peak Power Project provides clear visibility into the energy available from the RE project in 2+4 hours during morning and evening, as per the discom's choice.
  • tick-icon The 300MW project provides 80% availability for 150 MW for 6 hours. It can be used while planning for system-level peak availability.
  • tick-icon The 150MWh battery storage enables the RE project to provide more refined power than standalone solar and wind projects.
Representative Image

RTC Project

First of its kind renewable energy project which provides high CUF throughout the year, near comparable to the conventional power sources.

  • tick-icon 80% annual and 70% monthly CUF compliant in energy terms.
  • tick-icon Provides almost 100% CUF in the months of May, June, July and August.
  • tick-icon 100 MWh energy storage coupled with renewable project will provide the necessary flexibility in managing intra-day variations.

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