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If you worked and paid income taxes in the U.S. for ten years or more, you’re likely entitled to social security benefits. Find out more at Renew!

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12 articles tagged "Social Security"

  • Renew's Social Security Optimizer can help you decide when to begin collecting your benefits.

    Social Security Optimizer

    Want to maximize your social security benefits? When it comes to maximizing your social security benefits, timing is critical. The age at which you (and your spouse) decide to begin collecting social security will permanently impact the amount of the monthly benefit you’ll receive. Once you make this decision, there are no do-overs. For this …

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  • Everyone's personal Medicare timeline looks a little different depending on your individual health care situation and strategy.

    Creating your personal Medicare timeline

    If you’re approaching your 65th birthday, you’d be wise to start preparing—at least mentally—to enroll for Medicare. Unless you’re already receiving social security benefits when you turn 65, it’s not likely that you’ll be signed up automatically. There are several strict deadlines within the Medicare program, and you could face lifelong penalties if you miss …

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  • Social Security sign up form.

    How do I sign up for social security benefits?

    Congratulations! You’ve put in your time, and you’re finally eligible to collect those social security benefits you’ve been paying toward for so long. If you’ve already blown out the candles on your 66th birthday cake, you’re probably wondering when that first check is going to show up in your mailbox. Unfortunately, even though you become eligible …

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  • An illustration of a dollar bill sprouting like a plant to illustrate the idea of generating income in retirement.

    How can I make money in retirement?

    If you’re starting to worry that you should have saved more money before retiring, you’re definitely not alone. In a 2014 survey by TIAA-CREF, 47% of people 55-64 years old said they regretted not saving a larger percentage of their paychecks throughout their career. Perhaps you feel that you’ll need to supplement your income in …

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  • Yoga mat on the Renew purple background.

    Retiring before 65

    As far as retirement is concerned, people’s expectations are not always in line with reality. While the average expected age of retirement is 66, the actual average retirement age is 62. Somewhat surprisingly, that’s the highest it’s ever been. This means many people decide to retire before they’ve reached eligibility for one or more government …

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  • Tax documents and a calculator illustrate that tax considerations can change later in life.

    How are taxes different in retirement?

    Will your tax bill get some much needed time off when you retire? Unfortunately, the short answer is no. The IRS plans to continue working full time. Don’t worry; we’re here to walk you through some of the key tax considerations you should be aware of in retirement. Social security benefits Your paycheck was already …

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  • A price tag to illustrate the importance of building a budget in retirement.

    Building a budget in retirement

    If you’re like most Americans, you probably feel like you haven’t saved enough money for retirement. Making a budget can be the best method to ensure you don’t outlive your money.  While you may no longer have an income from a full-time job, managing your finances isn’t that much different in retirement. You should be …

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  • An illustration of two overlapping circles, each with an "S" inside to represent Social Security.

    Social Security: Explained

    Whether you’re planning your retirement or have already started the journey, beginning to collect social security benefits is a pivotal step. Throughout your career you’ve been contributing a chunk of your paycheck to this program, and now it’s about to pay off!   As a general rule, the longer you wait to begin collecting social …

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  • Illustrations of imagery related to common experiences in retirement.

    Quick-Start Guide to Retirement

    Not sure where to start with retirement? We’ve outlined the five essential questions you should be asking yourself in preparation for the next phase of your life. This journey should be about relaxation and fun – not stress – so sit back, and let Renew be your guide to retirement! Renew has defined three major …

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  • Medicare signup sheet on a clipboard.

    How do I sign up for Medicare?

    It’s best to think of signing up for Medicare as a (long) 2-step process. First, you need to sign up for Medicare Parts A and/or B directly through the government. Timing is very important when it comes to signing up; delaying your enrollment could result in permanent late penalties. We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide …

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  • Calendar with 65th birthday highlighted to signify the start of the Medicare IEP.

    When can I sign up for Medicare?

    Find out when you can sign up for Medicare. Learn about the different enrollment periods and what happens if you delay signing up.

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  • Determine your medicare eligibility with help from Renew.

    Am I eligible for Medicare?

    If you’re nearing your 65th birthday, your mailbox is probably bursting with advertisements about signing up for Medicare. While turning 65 is generally the first requirement for Medicare eligibility, there are other factors that come into play, too. In this article, we’ll discuss several scenarios and explain what you’ll need to do once you’re ready …

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