Part D plans are intended to help cover the costs associated with the prescription drugs you take regularly.

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  • George, a Renew Medicare agent, explains the Medicare Part D donut hole.

    Medicare Minutes: What is the Donut Hole?

    If you’ve spent any time researching Medicare Part D plans, then you’ve probably come across this term. But what could a donut possibly have to do with Medicare? Our all-star Medicare agent, George, is here to clear up any confusion you have about the Medicare Part D donut hole! What is the Medicare Part D …

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  • Renew Medicare agent, George, explains drug costs on Medicare.

    Medicare Minutes: How much do drugs cost on Medicare?

    The rules for cost sharing are different under Medicare Part D plans. In fact, the price you’ll pay out of pocket for your drugs are likely to change throughout the year. Watch this episode of our Medicare Minutes series to get help estimating how much your drugs cost on Medicare in 2019. How much will …

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  • George, a Medicare agent at Renew, explains the differences between Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans.

    Medicare Minutes: Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement

    If you’re considering purchasing additional Medicare coverage, this latest episode in our Medicare Minutes series can help you decide between two of the most common options. Join us as we take a look at Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement plans: How do they compare? Before you begin your search …

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  • The Medicare Part D donut hole.

    How much do drugs cost with Medicare?

    Understanding your drug costs on Medicare is an important part of getting the most out of your coverage. Drugs are typically one of the biggest costs people face while on Medicare. The average Medicare enrollee is on 5 prescriptions, and Medicare itself spends over $100 billion a year on pharmaceuticals. Even if you aren’t regularly …

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  • Medicare shopping bag with stacks of money.

    How much does Medicare cost?

    Trying to estimate your medical costs is a difficult and often frustrating task. On most health insurance plans, you pay a monthly premium, and then pay “full price” for care until you reach your deductible. Once that’s met, you pay a smaller fixed amount, either through copays or coinsurance, each time you access care. Once …

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  • Illustration of the word "Medicare" in a text bubble.

    Medicare 101: Understanding the basics

    Whether you’re just diving into Medicare, or you’ve done enough research to thoroughly confuse yourself, you’re on the right website. Medicare can be very difficult to navigate as there are many important choices and complex terms to sort through. With a clear sense of the basics and your unique needs, you can make Medicare work …

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