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Many retirees decide to take on a seasonal or part-time job to supplement their income in retirement.

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  • An illustration of a mountain range with a flag planted at the top, illustrating the idea of accomplishing new feats and finding new purpose in retirement.

    Finding new purpose in retirement

    In those last couple of years in the workforce, many people daydream about how they’ll spend their newfound free time during their fast approaching retirements. Some people imagine becoming professional jetsetters, traveling to a new faraway destination every few months. Others fantasize about recommitting to an old hobby, or doubling down on a latent passion …

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  • An illustration of a dollar bill sprouting like a plant to illustrate the idea of generating income in retirement.

    How can I make money in retirement?

    If you’re starting to worry that you should have saved more money before retiring, you’re definitely not alone. In a 2014 survey by TIAA-CREF, 47% of people 55-64 years old said they regretted not saving a larger percentage of their paychecks throughout their career. Perhaps you feel that you’ll need to supplement your income in …

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  • An illustration of a paper airplane.

    Part‑time work in retirement

    Retirement doesn’t have to mean inactivity. In fact, more retirees are working than ever before. While extra income is certainly an incentive for many, it’s not the only reason to keep working. In fact, workplace camaraderie and professional fulfillment are often cited by retirees as motivators for seeking employment. Additionally, some retirees return to the …

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