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  • A table set with a delicious meal, illustrating the benefits of becoming a master chef in retirement.

    Become a master chef in retirement

    Now that you’ve retired and your nine-to-five isn’t spoken for, you can finally enjoy those early bird specials that have long been a hallmark of the American retirement experience. Regardless of how impressive the discount may be, however, eating out too often can quickly wreak havoc both on your monthly budget and on your waistline. …

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  • Senior woman spending quality time with her grandchildren on a scenic walk.

    Family bonding on a budget

    While you were working, family time was likely relegated to weekends and holidays. Now that your calendar is finally free of team meetings and work conferences, you have more time to spend with your loved ones. As welcome and wonderful as this change to your life is, you might quickly realize just how costly it …

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  • An illustration of a mountain range with a flag planted at the top, illustrating the idea of accomplishing new feats and finding new purpose in retirement.

    Finding new purpose in retirement

    In those last couple of years in the workforce, many people daydream about how they’ll spend their newfound free time during their fast approaching retirements. Some people imagine becoming professional jetsetters, traveling to a new faraway destination every few months. Others fantasize about recommitting to an old hobby, or doubling down on a latent passion …

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