When drugs work well,
they work wonders.

The current prescription drug system is complex and inefficient. Because it is built around misaligned incentives, nearly every stakeholder in the prescription drug value chain benefits from this outdated system, with one glaring exception: the patients.

We believe that every prescription should be affordable, accessible, and effective. That’s why we are reimagining medication management from the ground up, with a focus on advancing health outcomes rather than bolstering profits.

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PBMs need to changeWe're transforming medication management

Medications account for about 20% of total health care spending in this country. They are the most frequent clinical intervention delivered by doctors, and are the most common interactions patients have with their health plans. Medications--particularly specialty medications--are also the fastest growing spend category for health plans.

Our mission is to fundamentally transform how medications are managed in the U.S. healthcare system. To accomplish this goal, we are building a modern technology infrastructure that will anchor a highly differentiated approach to pharmacy benefit management. This technology will power an innovative set of clinical services and an exceptional member experience, which together will improve access, increase adherence, and ensure that members receive the maximum clinical benefit from their medications.

We believe that our approach will reduce population costs, decrease medication errors, and dramatically improve clinical outcomes. By passing savings through to clients and members and generating revenue through clinical services that improve care and lower costs, our business model will also be aligned with the interests of health plans and patients.

Our initial team includes co-founders of Oscar, Devoted, and Lyra Health, as well as alumni from top companies including Microsoft, Amazon, McKinsey, Snapchat, DaVita, Google, Cityblock Health, AppNexus, The New York Times, and GoodRx. To date, Renew Health has raised $13M in funding, led by Venrock.