Textile Propositions

Textile Propositions

Renewable Energy Solutions for Textile Industry

Indian textile industry is growing at a ~20% CAGR with strong tailwinds from organized retail and favourable government policy


Source: Industry reports, Kearney internal analysis, news/media reports 1. Converted from USD at 74.31 USDINR

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Government Outlook

PLI Scheme for Textiles & MITRA Parks Scheme is at an advanced stage of Approval. Aim to increase textile exports 3x to $100 bn.

-Ministry of Textiles

Shift to Organized Market

India’s online commerce market is expected to grow 25-30% annually over the next five years to reach $120 billion-$140 billion by FY26, beating modern trade in India.


Growth in Exports

India’s textile exporters to see 20-25% growth in 2021. Moreover, expectations of a strong festive demand this year, backed by favourable vaccination coverage across key markets is reflected..


Green Advanced offers Textile players cutting-edge, high greening solution with attractive saving

Solar Panel 1 Green Touch
Windmill 2 Green Advanced
  • Greening potential
  • Power Reliability & Technological maturity
    Intermittent power; Mature tech.
    Intermittent power; Mature tech.
  • Cost saving & tariff reliability
    Limited saving; tariff locked
    High saving; tariff locked
  • Regulatory support
    Most states have mature policies
    Hybrid policies upcoming in states with RE potential
  • Favourable Context
    Limited greening requirement; coupled with current sources of power
    Befits players looking for stable power with commercial benefits and high degree of greening

ReNew has been at the forefront of greening; for a textile player based out of Madhya Pradesh, ReNew worked out the Green Advanced Solution

1) Client situation

The client is embarking on going green at commercially attractive tariffs

  • * The client aimed to fulfill an internal mandate to procure renewable energy
  • * With greening in mind, the objective was to maximize replacement of energy to RE
  • * Client was yet to make any largescale RE adoption
  • * The client preferred at least minimal guaranteed savings through the procurement of RE power

2) Options for greening based on captive RE sources

Each solution designed achieved greening through captive physical power


3) Our preferred solution guarantees minimum savings

Our preferred solution guarantees minimum savings