Gift Warmth

Gift Warmth is an annual CSR initiative at ReNew. As the earth’s climate changes due to carbon emissions from fossil fuels, many parts of the world are seeing extreme climatic conditions and unseasonal weather patterns. The Gift Warmth campaign is an attempt to help those, who are impacted the most by these extreme climatic changes. It is a humble bid to bring about a little comfort to those suffering from harsh and long winters, mostly in northern and central parts of India. Our aim is that ‘no one in India should suffer due to cold weather’ and towards this, we distribute blankets to the needy individuals who do not have the means to fight the cold. We have been doing this for over 8 years at ReNew.

The idea germinated in the year 2015 when we were looking to do something for engaging our employees and giving back to the society. During that period, we read reports that people on the streets of Delhi were dying due to cold and this is when this initiative was conceptualised. It started as an employee engagement activity and has now emerged as our annual flagship program. Over the past 8 years, we have helped thousands combat the harsh winters by distributing 6,25,000 blankets across 15 states. Last year, we scaled up our efforts and distributed 265,000 blankets across our communities covering 114 sites and bringing about a little comfort to the lives of those who needed it most.

This year, we are targeting to distribute 2,00,000 blankets across our sites in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Odisha and parts of NCR.


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ReNew Foundation

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Axis Bank

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