Chemical sector

Chemical Sector

Greening Solutions for Chemical sector

The Indian chemicals sector is expected to reach INR 20 Lakh Cr in market size and witness power demand reaching 2x the current levels

Chemical chart

Green Advanced Solution offers Chemical players high greening; Combining it with Green Max can provide 100% greening

Solar Panel 1 Green Touch
Windmill 2 Green Advanced
Bio Energy 3 Green Max
  • Greening potential
    100% (In combination with option 1/2 or standalone)
  • Power Reliability & Technological maturity
    Intermittent power; Mature tech.
    Intermittent power; Mature tech.
    vPPA emerging in Indian market; iRECs more mature
  • Cost saving & tariff reliability
    Limited saving; tariff locked
    High saving; tariff locked
    Limited saving; variable tariff in vPPA
  • Regulatory support
    Most states have mature policies
    Hybrid policies upcoming in states with RE potential
    iRECs more mature; vPPA evolving
  • Favourable Context
    Limited greening requirement; coupled with current sources of power
    Befits Data centers looking for stable power with commercial benefits and high degree of greening
    Suitable for Data centers with high focus on 100% greening

ReNew has supported one of the largest caustic soda manufacturers in India towards its energy cost rationalization and greening goals

1 Client situation

The client embarked on a goal to increase usage of green power

  • 1) The client has manufacturing facilities all across the country
  • 2) Client has 200 MW latent demand across India
  • 3) Client was yet to make any largescale RE adoption
  • 4) Client’s greening mandate was driven via its parent company

2 Contribution of each source for 100% greening

55% of green mandate achieved

Contribution Chart

3 Our preferred solution attains 25% savings as well as provides a strategic advantage to the client

Our preferred solution attains 25% savings as well as provides a strategic advantage to the client

  • 1) Energy cost savings of up to 40% on per unit basis vis-à-vis to baseline
  • 2) Enabled adhering to RPO mandate of 20% green sourcing
  • 3) Provided a competitive edge through lower cost of production