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When it comes to your ideal retirement experience, you are the leading expert. But before you can start enjoying all that you have planned for this next, best phase of life, you have to make a lot of tough decisions.

Renew is here to take some of that work off of your plate, so you can start enjoying the retirement you deserve. Dive right in with the articles below, which clarify some of the most confusing aspects of Medicare, Social Security, and other common retirement topics.

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Illustration of the word "Medicare" in a text bubble.

Medicare 101: Understanding the basics

Whether you’re just diving into Medicare, or you’ve done enough research to thoroughly confuse yourself, you’re on the right website. Medicare can be very difficult to navigate as there are many important choices and complex terms to sort through. With a clear sense of the basics and your unique needs, you can make Medicare work for you. The Basics [note type="info"] Fast Fact Medicare provides healthcare coverage to more than 55 million Americans. As the "Baby Boomer" generation continues to age into retirement, that number will continue to grow substantially....

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Renew Medicare agent George explains how to change Medicare plans.

Medicare Minutes: Can I change Medicare plans?

Can I change Medicare plans? Many people are under the impression that once you enroll in a Medicare plan, you are locked in for life. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. All Medicare beneficiaries have one opportunity each year to make changes to their coverage. It’s called the Annual Enrollment Period, and it takes place from October 15th to December 7th. What are my options during Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period? During this time, you can switch from: Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan (also known as Part C plan); A...

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A stopwatch to illustrate the importance of staying fit in retirement.

Staying fit in retirement

One of the greatest retirement gifts you can give yourself is an early commitment to your health and fitness. Beyond the obvious benefits of feeling and looking your best, staying fit in retirement can help you live longer, save money, and make the most of every moment in your this new phase of life. The benefits of staying fit as you age When you exercise regularly and become stronger, your overall balance also improves. This will make you less vulnerable to falls and injuries. These send older people to the...

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Magnifying glass illustrates the necessity to carefully compare Medicare Supplement plans.

Choosing the right Medigap policy

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in retirement is the type of Medicare plan you choose.  And if you’re considering purchasing supplemental coverage, choosing the right Medigap policy is the next big step. There are 11 different types of Medicare Supplement plans. Your options, however, may be limited depending on where you live. These plan types are lettered A through N, and they vary both in the type of benefits they offer and in price. Remember, Medicare Supplement works in addition to Original Medicare. You’ll need to stay...

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Medicare application and calculation tools.

Should I purchase additional Medicare coverage?

While Medicare Parts A & B (also known as “Original Medicare”) will cover many of the basic services and procedures you’re likely to need throughout your retirement years, it definitely doesn’t cover everything. In fact, some of the most common and most costly health costs seniors face are NOT covered by Original Medicare. This includes vision, dental, hearing, and prescription drug coverage. In order to fill in some of these “coverage gaps” and to help with the costs associated with these expensive yet necessary benefits, many Medicare enrollees purchase some...

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A lawnmower, water pail, sunhat, and other gardening tools.

Retiree Diaries: A week with Barry from North Augusta, South Carolina

Welcome to Renew’s Retiree Diaries, a new series in which we go behind the scenes with retirees from across the nation to see how they are spending their time and money throughout the course of a typical week. This month, we’re spending a week with Barry C. of North Augusta, South Carolina. What industry did you work in prior to retiring? I worked for the U.S. Military. How much do you pay each month in housing costs/rent? $1,830 What other regular monthly payments or expenditures do you have? $500 -...

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5 Reasons to Consider Switching Medicare Plans

The right Medicare plan could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. As such, it is always wise to reevaluate your coverage during Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period. This period typically takes place from October 15th to December 7th. During this time, all Medicare enrollees have the opportunity to make changes to their coverage. To help you identify your own best path forward, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common reasons to consider switching Medicare plans during the Annual Enrollment Period. You have new health needs....

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Everyone's personal Medicare timeline looks a little different depending on your individual health care situation and strategy.

Creating your personal Medicare timeline

If you’re approaching your 65th birthday, you’d be wise to start preparing—at least mentally—to enroll for Medicare. Unless you’re already receiving social security benefits when you turn 65, it’s not likely that you’ll be signed up automatically. There are several strict deadlines within the Medicare program, and you could face lifelong penalties if you miss them. As you begin your countdown to 65, use this basic outline to create your own custom Medicare timeline. 7 months - 1 year before turning 65 Find out if you qualify for Medicare, and...

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Circle of linked arms illustrates one's ability to coordinate employer-provided and Medicare benefits.

Coordinating employer-provided and Medicare benefits

Turning 65 doesn’t necessarily mean that Medicare is your only option for health coverage moving forward. In fact, health insurance can come from multiple sources. This includes COBRA, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, TRICARE, and perhaps most commonly, employer-provided health plans. If you will still be working after turning 65, you'll have the opportunity to choose among a few healthcare coverage options. Some people in this situation will decide to delay their enrollment, using a Special Enrollment Period to sign up after retiring. Others will elect to drop their...

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An illustration of a mountain range with a flag planted at the top, illustrating the idea of accomplishing new feats and finding new purpose in retirement.

Finding new purpose in retirement

In those last couple of years in the workforce, many people daydream about how they’ll spend their newfound free time during their fast approaching retirements. Some people imagine becoming professional jetsetters, traveling to a new faraway destination every few months. Others fantasize about recommitting to an old hobby, or doubling down on a latent passion that they hadn’t had the time to pursue while they were working full time. Some even consider heading back to school to learn a new skill or to start a new, second act career. Nearly...

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