Pharma Proposition

Pharma Sector

Renewable Energy Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Indian pharma industry is growing at a ~10% CAGR; Power demand is expected to grow by 1.5x by 2025


1. Source – CRISIL 2. Compounded Annual Growth from 2015-2019 3. Outside-in assessment

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COVID Tailwind

Covid second wave pushes India’s pharma industry growth to 59% in April, exponential growth for pharma sector.

-Business Standard

India replacing China

“The Indian domestic market remains the ever-reliable vertical for most Indian generics and is slowly gaining prominence.”


Aging Population

There will be over 319 million elderly by 2050. While 75% of elderly suffer from chronic disease, 40% suffer from disability and 20% mental health issues.

-The Hindu

Green Advanced offers Pharma players high greening solution meeting their stable power needs; 100% greening possible with Virtual greening

Solar Panel 1 Green Touch
Windmill 2 Green Advanced
Solar 3 Green Pro
Bio Energy 4 Green Max
  • Greening potential
    100% (In combination with option 2/3 or standalone)
  • Power Reliability & Technological maturity
    Intermittent power; Mature tech.
    Intermittent power; Mature tech.
    Reliable power; Nascent tech.; early adoption stage
    vPPA emerging in Indian market; iRECs more mature
  • Cost saving & tariff reliability
    Limited saving; tariff locked
    High saving; tariff locked
    High saving; tariff locked for RE; uncertainty in tariff for bundled source (~20% component)
    Limited saving; variable tariff in vPPA
  • Regulatory support
    Most states have mature policies
    Hybrid policies upcoming in states with RE potential
    Hybrid policies upcoming in states with RE potential
    iRECs more mature; vPPA evolving
  • Favourable Context
    Limited greening requirement; coupled with current sources of power
    Befits players looking for stable power with commercial benefits and high degree of greening
    Suitable for players seeking cutting-edge, high greening solutions with round-the-clock power
    Suitable for firms with high focus on 100% greening

For a pharma company in Gujarat, worked out the Green Advanced solution

1) Client situation

The client embarked on a goal to increase usage of green power

  • * The client has manufacturing facilities all across the country
  • * Client has 200 MW latent demand across India
  • * Client was yet to make any largescale RE adoption
  • * Client’s greening mandate was driven via its parent company

2 100% green mandate achieved

Our solution enabled them to achieve 55% green at a major site along with green credits to offset remaining brown power


3 Our preferred solution achieves significant savings over baseline

Our preferred solution provided savings as well as greening

  • * Energy cost savings of up to 40% on per unit basis vis-à-vis to baseline
  • * Provided a competitive edge through lower cost of production