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The renewable energy sector is rapidly evolving, and we are dedicated to leading the way with world-class Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards. Our vision is "To be a global clean energy and decarbonisation leader." To achieve this, we've collaborated with top industry safety consultants to develop our OH&S processes. By involving our operations team, we have ensured that these standards and procedures are fully integrated into our organizational culture and daily practices. Our goal is to set a new benchmark for excellence in all aspects of business, including OH&S, within the renewable energy industry.

Stakeholders Of Safety Governance

ReNew has a structured Safety Governance process with an Apex Committee led by the CMD supervising and guiding the functioning of four committees. These committees have been formed on PDCA approach (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and each committee is led by a senior leader who is a member of Apex committee. These committees are

Polices and Procedure Committee
Corporate Implementation Committee
Audit and Monitoring Committee
Capability Building Committee

Intergrated Organization Structure

This integrated organization structure has been formed to drive Safety culture in the organization where in leaders demonstrate keen interest in driving safety across sites and offices. We have developed ReNew specific HSE standards and procedures as per risk identified for the business. We have developed competency by training cross functional team members from business to support the HSE Team.

HSE Metrix and performance reporting is a very important part of communication to all stakeholders. We have a dedicated online tool ‘Gensuite’ for real time reporting of incidents, unsafe acts and conditions and HSE related audits. The observations are tracked through action tracking system (ATS) for the closure actions. We also communicate the OH&S status to our board members on a monthly basis covering all important parameters. OH&S is an integral part of our annual sustainability reports.

OH&S performances are also reviewed every month at various committee meetings with internal stakeholders such as:

OH&S performances are also reviewed every month at various committee meetings with internal stakeholders such as:

  • - Board Review
  • - Monthly Business Review
  • - Apex HSE Committee Review
  • - Committee Meetings Review
  • - Site Safety Committees Review

HSE updates are integral part of all periodic communications released from Chairman’s desk to all employees.

OH&S performances are also reviewed every month at various committee meetings with internal stakeholders such as:

Inspection & Audits

ReNewReNew has developed a systematic approach for measuring, monitoring, and reporting its HSE performance on a regular basis. As part of our annual business plan exercise, action plan are prepared which are viewed during monthly HSE performance reviews. Periodic inspections and audits are the means of monitoring the HSE performance at the site.

Informal Inspection

Informal inspections include the daily visual inspection of the workplace conditions. All employees need to conduct informal inspection as part of their daily routine and report all the unsafe act/condition identified through the Gensuite (our online HSE dashboard) for monitoring.

Formal Inspection

Formal inspections are documented through visual tours of the workplace, used to identify hazards and hazardous conditions. Formal site inspections are conducted periodically by the project team members, Operation & Maintenance site teams and the project SE leads. The observations are reported in Gensuite for monitoring and tracked for closure.

Internal Audits

We have developed a pool of internal auditors to internal audit system. Internal HSE audits are scheduled once in a year for all commissioned sites and once in three months for project sites. Audit scheduling and adherence to audit schedule is monitored and reviewed by Audit committee. We also engage external agencies conduct HSE audits on our behalf and share report directly with the Apex committee.

External Audits

IMS surveillance/recertification audits are carried out once every year by external certification agency.

Health And Safety Training And Competency Building

At ReNew, our commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) excellence is driven by our dedicated Competency Building Committee, part of our integrated HSE organization. We've meticulously mapped HSE-related competencies for each role across various business functions. Our pool of certified internal trainers, who are trained by top industry consultants, deliver comprehensive training on implementing HSE standards and procedures.

To further enhance our training, we've developed e-learning modules focused on high-risk HSE standards, with compliance monitored through an online Learning Management System. For contractors and turnkey contractors with established EHS management standards, we ensure that their employees receive training aligned with ReNew's standards, and we rigorously monitor the completion and adequacy of these programs.

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 OH&S performances are also reviewed every month at various committee meetings with internal stakeholders such as: