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  • George, a Medicare agent at Renew, explains how missing a Medicare deadline could result in lifelong penalties.

    Medicare Minutes: Medicare Penalties

    Late fees?! On Medicare?! It’s true; they exist. And that’s why it is essential to be aware of the various enrollment deadlines for each part of Medicare. In this episode, our all-star Medicare agent, George, will explain each of the most common Medicare penalties, and even more importantly, how to avoid them. How to avoid …

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  • George, a Medicare agent at Renew, discusses the best times to enroll in Medicare.

    Medicare Minutes: Enrolling in Medicare

    When it comes to enrolling in Medicare for the first time, timing is important? In this episode, we discuss the best times to enroll, which can vary from individual to individual. Enrolling in Medicare at the right time for you The best time to sign up for Medicare will depend on your unique health needs …

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  • George, a Medicare agent at Renew, discusses Medicare's coordination of benefits system.

    Medicare Minutes: Should I Enroll in Medicare if I’m Still Working?

    Most people become eligible for Medicare when they turn 65. But does that mean you are required to sign up, even if you are still covered by an employer-provided health plan? In this episode of our Medicare Minutes series, we discuss the options individuals in this particular situation have. We hope this information will help …

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  • George, a Renew Medicare agent, explains the Medicare Part D donut hole.

    Medicare Minutes: What is the Donut Hole?

    If you’ve spent any time researching Medicare Part D plans, then you’ve probably come across this term. But what could a donut possibly have to do with Medicare? Our all-star Medicare agent, George, is here to clear up any confusion you have about the Medicare Part D donut hole! What is the Medicare Part D …

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  • Renew Medicare agent, George, explains drug costs on Medicare.

    Medicare Minutes: How much do drugs cost on Medicare?

    The rules for cost sharing are different under Medicare Part D plans. In fact, the price you’ll pay out of pocket for your drugs are likely to change throughout the year. Watch this episode of our Medicare Minutes series to get help estimating how much your drugs cost on Medicare in 2019. How much will …

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  • George, a Renew Medicare agent, discusses common myths and misconceptions about Medicare.

    Medicare Minutes: Medicare Mistakes, Myths, and Misconceptions

    George from Renew is back with another Medicare Minutes video! In this episode, we’re going to talk about 5 of the most common Medicare mistakes, myths, and misconceptions. Keeping these potential pitfalls on your radar can help you save valuable time, energy, and money. Make sure to share this video with any loved ones who …

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  • George, a Medicare agent at Renew, explains the differences between Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans.

    Medicare Minutes: Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement

    If you’re considering purchasing additional Medicare coverage, this latest episode in our Medicare Minutes series can help you decide between two of the most common options. Join us as we take a look at Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement plans. Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement plans: How do they compare? Before you begin your search …

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  • Renew Medicare agent George explains how to change Medicare plans.

    Medicare Minutes: Can I change Medicare plans?

    Can I change Medicare plans? Many people are under the impression that once you enroll in a Medicare plan, you are locked in for life. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. All Medicare beneficiaries have one opportunity each year to make changes to their coverage. It’s called the Annual Enrollment Period, and it takes place from …

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  • Illustrations of common health care imagery, like bandages and stethoscopes.

    Master Medicare in under 4 minutes

    Master the basics of Medicare Whether you’re just starting to dive into what Medicare is all about, 
or you’ve done enough research to thoroughly confuse yourself, you’ve come to the right place. In just 4 minutes, we’ll help you get a grasp on the basics. Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover in the video: …

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