For many retirees, travel is a top priority. Learn how you can see more of the world than you ever thought possible with help from Renew.

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  • Rayma Halloran is taking on the world in retirement.

    Taking on the world in retirement

    For her 60th birthday, Rayma Halloran learned how to make pasta in the land of its birth – deep in the heart of Italy. In a rented villa, side-by-side with several friends and instructed by a non-English-speaking Italian nonna, they spent hours rolling and kneading and cutting the floury dough, fortified by plenty of wine …

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  • Suitcases and other luggage to illustrate the life of a traveling retiree.

    Tips and tricks for traveling in retirement

    When talking to soon-to-be retirees about their top goals in retirement, travel is almost always listed as a priority. While the top destinations of interest change from person to person, the desire to see more of the world is fairly universal. If you are one of the few wise people who started a travel savings …

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  • An airplane taking a Medicare Supplement enrollee abroad.

    Will my healthcare coverage follow me abroad?

    For many people, having the freedom and time to travel is one of the most exciting aspects of retirement. You may have been daydreaming about visiting Italy, Ireland, Indonesia, or Idaho  for years. It is less likely, however, that you’ve thought much about whether your healthcare coverage will follow you abroad. While will typically pay …

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