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For many retirees, travel is a top priority. Learn how you can see more of the world than you ever thought possible with help from Renew.

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4 articles tagged "Travel"

  • Christine Rush, an inspiring retiree, works in her art studio.

    Still forging a freewheeling life in retirement

    Christine Rush is – most assuredly – the only woman in Los Angeles County who can list on her resume such distinctions as trailblazing feminist artist, photo stylist for Playboy, and retired elementary school teacher. “In the teacher’s lounge, I loved embarrassing all the kindergarten teachers with some stories from my past,” says Chris, with …

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  • Rayma Halloran is taking on the world in retirement.

    Taking on the world in retirement

    For her 60th birthday, Rayma Halloran learned how to make pasta in the land of its birth – deep in the heart of Italy. In a rented villa, side-by-side with several friends and instructed by a non-English-speaking Italian nonna, they spent hours rolling and kneading and cutting the floury dough, fortified by plenty of wine …

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  • Karyn Giss and David Pitlik have reimagined the traditional retirement experience.

    The art of aging creatively

    Stepping through the front door of Karyn Giss and David Pitlik’s home is like walking into a copy editor’s fantasy world. Six enormous punctuation marks–including an eight-foot tall exclamation point–are suspended from the vaulted ceilings, adorning the 20-foot tall walls of the foyer. Each punctuation mark is a cleverly assembled collage, comprised of close up …

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  • John Beaney, an inspiring retiree, poses in front of his boat.

    Living the good life in semi-retirement

    Calling John Beaney “retired” is not quite accurate. “I’m happily enjoying semi-retirement,” says John, 65. He spoke to Renew just after a long weekend trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his wife Kim, and just before embarking on an all-hands-on-deck vacation with their three children, two grandkids, and other family members at their timeshare in …

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